Vacation Costa Rica

Travel Guide to Costa Rica Vacations. Information for planning travel to Costa Rica.

Vacations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as a tropical paradise. The variety of wild life that inhabit this stretch of land in Central America are plentiful and colorful. The wonderful surfing and sparkling beaches are a vacationer’s paradise. A tranquil oasis located within an otherwise rocky region, this tourist mecca brings in over one million foreign visitors each year.

Travel Guide to Costa Rica – for Adventurers

Adventure travelers will discover surfing, hiking, snorkeling and view jungle fauna all in the first day! Costa Rica’s topography allows for enjoying the mountains one day, stop by a volcano the next, and wrap up by finding relaxing spot on a gorgeous tropical beach. Zipline tours through the jungle canopy, rafting and skiing area also on tap, depending on your preference for thrills. And don’t forget to grab a board and surf the Pacific Coastline – with some of the best surfing anywhere in the world.

Some Traveler Tips when Coming to Costa Rica

1) US Money is broadly accepted so you rarely need to convert to Colones – the official money in Costa Rica

2) Juan Santamaria International Airport is a welcoming place with a small choice of food and gift shops.

3) Areas in and around the Volcano are often cloudy but still worth the trip. Pack a fold up rain coat that you can find cheaply in any local shop.

4) The weather across Costa Rica is quite different. Find your specific location online before leaving to know what to pack.

5) Local Guides in Costa Rica are awesome. Not only will you learn all kinds of cool stuff, but they know how to find even the smallest tree frog (because they know the area so well)

6) Because of Costa Rica’s location on the globe, darkness falls around six each night all year, but the sun is up at six am – so plan your adventures for early in the day.

7)Spanish is the local language but is not an absolute must. The locals will be more receptive if you at least give it a try. If you want to WOW them – take a quick refresher course – here is a great Spanish Course

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