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Natural Building Course at Finca Morpho in Osa

The modern building industry accounts for the largest amount of
energy consumption worldwide and is causing irreversible damage to
global ecosystems. Natural building, however, is far more

Tortuguero Closes 2km of Park to Protect Jaguar

Two kilometers of the Tortuguero Conservation Area (ACTO), which
is part of the Jalova sector, where it was open to the public, has
been closed since March 1 of this year, in order to protect the

3 Thousand Families Will Have a New Home in Costa Rica

The project is based on the sustainable development Families
should have an income superior to ¢700 thousand. “Organizations
like Costa Rica-Canada Foundation helps family apply for a loan to
get a …

Hundreds Gather in San José Against Pineapple

May 15th World Agriculture Day in Costa Rica Hundreds gather in
San José against Pineapple expansion March of the Spheres attracted
quite a crowd The main point was to ask for the nullity of recent

Snakes Exhibited in Agricultural Fair

The 30th edition of the Agricultural Fair of Costa Rica brought
in a special guest that attracted the attention of the visitors and
purchasers: a snake. You may be wondering why a snake was in an

Discover Guanacaste And Its Natural Beauties

To the northwest of Costa Rica is Guanacaste, a tourist
destination with an incredible natural beauty in which to enjoy
paradisiacal beaches, prairies, and forests that remind to
landscapes of the A…

Costa Rica Business Sector Willing to Adapt

On the brink of new agreements, the North American and Costa
Rican Chamber of Commerce urges the Costa Rican government to align
with the US government policies in order to improve trades as Trump

Looking To Learn Spanish?

Costa Rica is the hub of commerce for many foreign visitors from
all over. The country usually receives tourists from the United
States, Canada, the UK and other English speaking countries. When

Qatar Interested in Investing in Tourism in Costa Rica

Qatar, a rich Arab country of 11,586 square meters with a per
capita production of almost $ 73,700 annually in 2015 (about ¢ 42
million, according to data from the World Bank), showed interest in

Gender Gaps in STEM Careers Show Promise

STEM careers, or those involving Science, Technology,
Engineering, or Mathematics, have traditionally been dominated by
men in the past. But due to the efforts of several organizations
and education…


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