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When Choosing a Dental Implant Specialist,

As baby boomers age and the demographics of an aging U.S.
society become more noticeable, one thing remains unchanged: 
the human condition/the human experience.  It binds us
together like…

Costa Rica, The Country of “Pure Life”

A trip from the capital, San Jose, to the coasts of the North
Pacific. The intense life of the wetlands, mountain rivers,
volcanoes and the exuberant flora and fauna of one of the most
biodiverse co…

New Metropolitan International Airport of Costa Rica

“Costa Rica has already demonstrated that it has the strength to
break paradigms in terms of innovation, tourism, the attraction of
investments and public infrastructure. That is what we are pushing…

Fiber Optic and Wireless Connection in Costa Rica

End-to-end connections guarantees more speed “End-to-end
Internet connection establishes a connection between the provider
and the customer. That type of connection is not shared with a
third party …

Pouring Domestic Oil in the Sink Damages the

The Technological Institute of Costa Rica has created a strategy
that has already been put into practice by some organizations and
restaurants two of which are Restaurante Institucional

Travel From San Jose to El Salvador For $164 Round

The price is $ 164 round trip, however, it will depend on the
season. The Salvadoran company Transportes del Sol began operations
in Costa Rica, offering land travel from San Jose to El Salvador.

Essential Oils for Hormone Balance and adrenal fatigue

We are cyclical, as a woman, we transition through 4 phases
during every 29.5 days.  Our hormones may cause so many ups
and downs in our life.  We know that they have a powerful
influence …

68 Thousand Costa Ricans Found a New Job in the Last Three

According to a research performed by INEC, a total of 68
thousand Costa Rican citizens found a job in the last three months,
which represented an increase in the number of employed people in

Isla del Coco, The Amazing Place That Left a NatGeo Explorer

one of the symbols of the singular beauty of Costa Rica beaches. To
Enric Sala, a Spanish biologist and NatGeo’s researcher, it is one

Fair Promotes the Use of Bicycles in Costa Rica

Talks, workshops, tours, and classes are part of the first
edition of this event Bicycles don’t pollute the environment; they
are good for exercising and are money-saving because they don’t use


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